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About us & Ziedi un Ziedi

We often forget about the beauty of the world - about flowers, trees, birds, clouds, even those we love! Because we see these things so often that we stop paying attention to them. We are a flower base and salons that strive to offer only the most beautiful flower arrangements and gifts. With friendly and fast service. We make sure that the quality and service of flowers are at the highest level. Fresh flowers are guaranteed 7 days a week and delivery is always on time! Creation of our daily flower arrangements with the utmost care and special approach, choosing only fresh and high quality flowers, which are supplied by the producers of the world.

Cut flowers for weddings and other celebrations

For larger or smaller holidays, pleasures or reconciliation in honor of one of the most beautiful gifts serve flowers - ceilings, pots, put in beautiful bouquets or baskets, it does not even matter if the gift comes from the heart. One of the most advantageous places to buy the cheapest cut flowers is special flower bases. You will agree that the surprise of the variety of flowers available in them is genuine. But this is not the only benefit of shopping at a flower base.

An offer that will make you breathless Most of the flower bases are arranged in hangars, and even the poorest skeptic will not have to complain about the assortment of flowers. Bouquets, cut flowers, potted flowers, seedlings and special flower boxes. Everything you can and can't imagine for a flower. The magic touch of a florist It is a misconception that the flower base alone is such a large warehouse. The warehouses can also be surrounded by magical plants and florists, who will create flower arrangements for weddings, flower bouquets, as well as mourning decoration. Florists are also ready to go on trips to decorate weddings, ceremonies and other festivities. In principle, if you have a need, then there will also be a solution wherever you are in Latvia. Favorable flower prices Fact, fact - flower bases are the right place to go to buy beautiful and cheap flowers without overpaying for them. If you are expecting a big holiday or decorating with flowers, then you can also call a beautiful bouquet of flowers for the beautiful seller. Flower delivery Most flower bases also have their own online stores. The feed is constantly being updated In addition, as a dot on i, most flower shops are proud that fresh flowers are delivered several times a week.

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